Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Should the apology happen in 2012?????

If you have read the Resolution (referenced in full on the link below), is this apology something that the church is really honest about? and should it happen at General conference 2012?

Since no one we have contacted has bothered to sign in and make comments, answer the questions ask by our Native leadership, I think it's a mute point with most Indian people in UMC. If I am wrong, say so! Add your comments, suggestions, prayers, wishes, etc.

Otherwise, maybe someone should tell the church, we don't really care!

Why should we care, if that is your opinion?

Is anyone out there interested?

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  1. After reading the resolutions before General Conference 2012; I will begin to educate my congregation on how we as a body of followers of Jesus can better serve our American Indian brothers and sisters.